Professional Teacher Training

Professional training at SteprightDance.


Want to become a dance professional?

Conact me today, I can help you achieve your dream.


Candidates must have achieved certain experience levels in dancing prior to starting any training programme.


A unique programme of training is offered for each candidate based on their objectives and all qualifications attained would be recognised by Dance organisations and associations both in the uk and internationally.


The training programmes offered are for pre-associate, associate, licentiate and fellowship examinations together with the new Level 4 Teaching Diploma all using the professional Dance syllabus developed by the International Dance Teachers Association. (I.D.T.A.)


Please note that once professional training commences, your stataus changes and may affect your eligability for entry into dance competitions.



Get Social!

All my dancers have a great deal of fun so come along and join in.

I'll be looking forward to meeting you!   

Tony Wiejski,

Fellow and Examiner I.D.T.A.

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